Using of breathing apparatuses CAA-2 course (Compressed Air Apparatus-2)

  • Students: 8
  • Duration: 8 hours

Using of breathing apparatuses CAA-2 course (Compressed Air Apparatus-2)

In case of an emergency on the ship board in the rooms with smoke-screening it is necessary to have people in the crew who can fight a fire. It`s possible with using of breathing apparatus only. This course is designed to improve the skills of specialists who may be assigned tasks related breathing apparatus CAA – 2.

The purpose of course is to give students the skills to use devices which works on compressed-air conditions. The course is designed in accordance Section A-VI/1 of the STCW сode.

Course Objectives 

To obtain how to use breathing apparatuses CAA-2 and practical skills to work with it under the programme of a personal survival and firefighting on the board.

Course content

After repeating the theme according to the purpose of the apparatus and it`s tactical-technical data listeners proceed to operational verification of the ACC -2.  The next step is to strengthen knowledge of the storage of the apparatus on the ship`s board the vessel and to maintain it on full alert. The course ends with a demonstration of the using the device in a training and combat situation. Listeners should demonstrate a confident movement in the rooms with smoke-screening, searching for the victims and assistance to them.

Requirements for listeners: 

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • meet the health requirements;
  • have a certificate of completion of a personal survival techniques course, firefighting course, medical first aid, personal`s safety ang public duties course according to the national requirements and the requirements of the STCW  International Convention.