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Engine Room

Engine-Room Resourse Management (management Level)(A-III/2, A-I/12 п. п. 1-2, A-VIII/2 (ч. ч. 3, 4, 4-2), B-I/12 п.73, B-ІІІ/2 ч.4-2).

Engine – Room Resourse Management (management level) The aim of this course is to train the engine room crew for duty. This course is intended for engineers of any class on board vessels of the river and sea fleet of ukraine. The result of taking the course is improved the level…
marine high-voltage equipment

Marine high-voltage electrical equipment (ІІІ/2;ІІІ/3,VIII/2, А-ІІІ/2, A-III/6)

Marine high-voltage electrical equipment On ships of maritime and river transport in operational activity there are high-voltage equipment which is serviced by electromechanics, mechanics and electricians. This course is intended to improve their professional skills. Purpose of the course                                                                                                                                                              The purpose of the course is to refill and update…
engine room

Engine-room resource management (operational level)

Engine-room resource management (operational level) Engine room crew members must have the necessary skills to maintain a watch. This course is intended to reinforce professional skills and assess watch readiness. Purpose of the course The purpose of this course is to prepare ship mechanics and cadets for keeping watch in…