Marine high-voltage electrical equipment (ІІІ/2;ІІІ/3,VIII/2, А-ІІІ/2, A-III/6)

marine high-voltage equipment
  • Students: 8
  • Duration: 48 hours

Marine high-voltage electrical equipment

On ships of maritime and river transport in operational activity there are high-voltage equipment which is serviced by electromechanics, mechanics and electricians. This course is intended to improve their professional skills.

Purpose of the course                                                                                                                                                             

The purpose of the course is to refill and update knowledge about modern high-voltage marine equipment, improve practical skills in operating such equipment and practice troubleshooting methods in accordance with the requirements of safe operation standards.

Course Objectives

Increasing the competence of students on the operation of high-voltage equipment according to the legislation and safety rules HV. Expansion the ​​theoretical knowledge on the practical management of such equipment. Training on the trainer-simulators for detection and troubleshooting skills.

Course content

The course consists six basic topics that are offered as lectures, training on simulators with following check of competence:

  • applying high voltage on ships;
  • isolation of the high-voltage equipment;
  • overvoltage on the ship`s electrical systems;
  • high-voltage equipment maintenance;
  • high voltage installations and protective equipment testing;
  • safety technique while servicing ship high-voltage electrical equipment.

Requirements for listeners: Student should have an appropriate educational and qualification level:

  • not lower than a bachelor’s degree in the specialty “Operation of ship power plants”;
  • not lower than a bachelor’s degree in the specialty « Automated ship power plants management»;
  • specialist or master degrees in the specialty “Electrical systems and complexes of vehicles” with a specialization “Operation of ship automated systems”;
  • specialist or master degrees in the specialty “Ship power plants and equipment” with specialization “Operation, testing and installation of ship power plants.

Also from student is required to have worked continuously for at least 24 months as a duty engineer on ships with a power plant more than 750 kW.