Engine-room resource management (operational level)

engine room
  • Students: 10
  • Duration: 40 hours

Engine-room resource management (operational level)

Engine room crew members must have the necessary skills to maintain a watch. This course is intended to reinforce professional skills and assess watch readiness.

Purpose of the course

The purpose of this course is to prepare ship mechanics and cadets for keeping watch in the engine room, to increase their professional skills in matters of ship resource management. The ERS – 5000 Techsim simulator is used to increase the effectiveness of training.

Course Objectives

Students of the course have the opportunity to recall the accumulated and gain new experience in the management of the main power plant (GEM) and auxiliary equipment in volumes sufficient for maneuvering the vessel and performing all vessel technological operations in which the mechanical equipment of the vessel is involved.

In addition, the task is to work out the coordinated actions of the engine room watch, to quickly assess the situation and make optimal decisions to control the power plant in difficult operating conditions or the impact of unfavorable weather factors.

The level of training is assessed in accordance with the requirements of the STCW Code (section A), and practical skills are tested on a simulator.

Course content

After a brief review of the course content and documents governing the organization of safe technical operation management, students are introduced to the simulator. Further, they move on to considering the equipment of the engine room and methods of its operation, while focusing on the issues of troubleshooting.

Particular attention is paid to the main issue of the course – keeping a safe watch in the engine room at the operational level. In this regard, the following issues are considered:

  • ship operations management;
  • duties when taking over the watch;
  • duties while keeping watch;
  • responsibilities for the transfer of the watch;
  • action mechanic in emergency situations.

In addition to managing mechanisms, people are subordinate to the mechanic, therefore the course teaches how to manage the workloads of people, applying the principles of effective human resource management.

Requirements for listeners

To obtain a certificate of completion of the training course “Management of the staff of the engine room watch (operational level)”, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • meet the requirements of the Maritime Administration of Ukraine for the state of health; have a diploma of a mechanic, not lower than the third category, or have a certificate of training in the course “Management of the staff of the engine room watch”;
  • complete training in accordance with the current program.