Medical First aid от board ship (VI/4 п. 1, A-VI/4 п. п. 1- 3)

first aid
  • Students: 25
  • Duration: 31 hours

Medical First aid от board ship (VI/4 п. 1, A-VI/4 п. п. 1- 3)

The aim of the course is to provide first aid skills to crew members and ship crews who don`t have medical staff.

Course objectives: to train the crew of ships without medical personnel to provide first aid in case of an accident or sudden illness on the board.

The content of the course is divided into theoretical and practical parts. In theoretical classes, participants are taught how to:

  • use means of evacuation of victims from danger zones;
  • recognize diseases and injuries;
  • provide first aid in case of wounds and injuries, traumatic and burn shock, loss of consciousness;
  • carry out the simplest resuscitation of heart and lungs;
  • provide emergency aid in case of aggravation of diseases of internal organs;
  • provide medical support, apply methods of prevention of injuries in transportation of dangerous goods;
  • organize and provide first aid in case of a sudden illness.

Practical training will allow mastering the following skills: Collection of information on trauma and disease provided both to the victims themselves and to those who fell ill and those around them. Applying screening methods to identify signs of illness and injury.

First aid, for which you need to be able to:

stop external bleeding; apply bandages, including those for immobilisation;

  • perform injections;
  • determine whether the victim is conscious, has a pulse, breathing;
  • use methods of rapid detoxification, ventilation of the lungs, indirect heart massage;
  • properly lay the victim down and transport him/her.