Advanced Fire fighting course STCW-95(VI/3, A-VI/3 п. п. 1-4)

  • Students: 18
  • Duration: 30 hours

Advanced Fire fighting course  STCW-95 which corresponds to the IMO Model Course 2.03.

Goal : Education and training of seafarers on the general organization, the tactics of firefighting metods, assesment the situation, determination of the goal and main tasks in countering fire. Students who have successfully completed the training couse will be able to correctly respond to emergency situations in the event of a fire, make correct and timely decisions to ensure the safety of the crew and the vessel, effectively use fire extinguishing equipment, demonstrate the acquired skills and knowledge in the process of eliminating and localizing a fire.


Conventions and Resolutions Regulating Fire Fighting on Ships

Elements of combustion

Fire classification and extinguishing agents

Shipboard fire fighting organisation

Command and Control

The effect of water on ship stability

Casualty evacuation methods

Liaison with shore based fire fighting organisations

Procedures for fighting fires at sea and in port

Control and training of fire deck and engine room parties

Fire fighting techniques and metods

First aid fire fighting equipment

Fixed systems and detection equipment

Fire investigation and reporting

Practical training of crew members in fire fighting;