Training of Passenger Ships Personnel (V/2, А-V/2, В-V/2)

passenger ship
  • Students: 25
  • Duration: 23 hours

Purpose of the Training of Passenger Ships Personnel course is to prepare masters, officers and ratings also other personnel of passenger ships for ensure the safety of passengers in case of emergencies.

The training presupposes:

 To form an idea for all crew of the need to ensure the safety of passengers, to evacuate them in case of an emergency.

To educate:

  • to use a rescue equipment;
  • to act according to the emergency plans;
  • providing assistance to passengers who following to the muster station and placed in the life-saving equipment;
  • keep a self-control in the difficult situations;
  • to keep life-saving equipment in a good order.

The objectives of the course are:

  • familiarization with emergency plans and life-saving equipment;
  • training in providing an assistance to passengers who following to the muster station and placed in the life-saving equipment;
  • training in communication with passengers who are in an emergency;
  • training to show to passengers in an emergency how to use an individual life-saving equipment.

Course content consists of theoretical and practical parts. A listener who has passed course should to know:

  • standards of international and national legislation relating to passenger vessels;
  • the way of the loading and unloading of the vessel and embarking and disembarking of passengers;
  • the general design and layout of the ship;
  • safety regulations; emergency plans and procedures;
  • official instructions in an emergency;
  • emergency exits;
  • restrictions of the lifts` using;
  • how to use life-saving equipments;
  • how to communicate with passengers, to assist them in an emergency.

A listeners who has completed the course requires the skills to assist passengers in critical situations also they should be able:

  • how to use individual life-saving equipment;
  • to act upon the emergency plans using collective life-saving equipments, property and ship’s fitting;
  • to ensure the safety of human’s life, ship and cargo thanks to the vessel`s capabilities and knowledge of the operating restrictions;
  • establishment and maintaining verbal communication in an emergency, be able to speak in english language on the beginner level at least; ability to communicate using hand signals, demonstrate on your own example the implementation of safety instructions;
  • prevent the panic, maintain order, ensure that passengers put on a life jackets  in an emergency.

Requirements for listeners:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • meet the health requirements;
  • refers to captains, officers and ratings.