Medical care on board ship (VI/4 п. 2, A-VI/4 п. п. 4-6)

first aid
  • Students: 13
  • Duration: 46 hours

Medical care on board ship

The course is designed to provide officers with the necessary theoretical and practical training to enable them to perform medical examinations, provide assistance and provide treatment on board the ship.

The aim of the course is to ensure that the officers on board ships without medical personnel are prepared to provide first aid and have the skills to perform medical examinations, assist in injuries, accidents and sudden illnesses before it is possible to provide qualified or special medical assistance to victims.

The objectives of the course are:

to train participants in the use of the WHO International Ship Medicine Guidelines and International Medical Guide for Ships;

to bring certain medical care and treatment skills to a level of automation that enables them to act confidently in situations where there is a threat to the life, health of the victim;

to teach them to determine how necessary and meaningful it is to use medical radio consultations to provide first aid to the patient.

Course content: Theoretical part involves mastering methods to:

  • determine the quality of drinking water, carry out decontamination;
  • ensure proper sanitary conditions by conducting disinfection, deratisation and disinfection as necessary;
  • organise checkups and quarantine;
  • recognise symptoms of the most common diseases and organise first aid for them and for injuries and shock caused by burns.

The practical part of the course consists of acquiring sufficient skills to:

  • obtain information about the nature of trauma and illness from the victim, the patient and others;
  • identify signs of trauma and illness during examination;
  • determine the level of working capacity of  the patient;
  • prepare medical documentation;
  • carry out sanitary and hygienic measures to support the crew;
  • use the available medical support;
  • put on bandages; perform injections;
  • stop bleeding; treat wounds.