General GMDSS Operator Course (obtaining or endorsement)

radar on the ship sarp
  • Students: 16
  • Duration: 108 hours

General GMDSS Operator Course (obtaining or endorsement)

The course is designed to prepare students for the GMDSS General Radio Operator Diploma course.

The aim of the course is for the student who graduates to acquire the professional skills and knowledge that allow him to responsibly perform his job duties according to the “Specification of minimum requirements for the competence of GMDSS radio operators”.

Course Objectives

Prepare students for the GMDSS General Certificate of Operator, based on the requirements of international maritime conventions and the Radio Regulations. They should:

  • be prepared to perform functional duties;
  • be able to transmit, receive information using GMDSS equipment and subsystems according to the international rules and procedures;
  • be able to provide radio communication in case of average.

Course content it`s a combination of theoretical and practical parts.

Listeners who have finished the course should know:

  • the general principles and basic factors for the safe and efficient use of GMDSS equipment and its subsystems;
  • what communication system should be used in specific circumstances;
  • radio wave propagation theories for choosing optimal frequencies for communication;
  • order of the duty and filling-in a ship log and a documentations of radio communication;
  • ship reporting systems and participation procedures of it;
  • IAMSAR procedure in organization of radio communication in rescue operations;
  • sequence of organization and provision of medical radio consultations;
  • written and spoken English language skills that can ensure the safety of humans life at sea;
  • the geography, especially of the main sea-lanes, search and rescue services and their communication links;
  • how to use lifeboats, rafts and the other survival crafts and especially the radio equipment of survival crafts;
  • fire-fighting and prevention of fire;
  • order of applying first medical aid to the victim;
  • safety measures of using radio equipment;
  • international instruments governing the use of the radio communications;
  • international Code of radiosignals and the Standard Maritime PhraseBook of IMO.

Listeners who have completed the course will acquire the skills required to:

  • to use GMDSS equipment and subsystems in a safe way, in the normal propagation of radio waves or in the case of typical obstacles;
  • to use a keyboard to radio reports exchange;
  • to configure an antennas, receivers and transmitters;
  • to receive and send using a radiotelephone and printing telegraph;
  • to use radio equipment of the survival crafts and emergency radio buoy;
  • to use modern communications and new types of equipment.

Requirements for listeners:

  • to be at least 18 years old;
  • preparedness to perform the objectives of the GMDSS operator.