Washing with crude oil (V/1-1 p. 3.4, A-V/1-1-2 p. 2)

oil tanker
  • Students: 8
  • Duration: 6 hours

Washing with crude oil 

It is important to know how to do this properly for the persons of the floating crew, who may be responsible for washing the tanker with crude oil CRUDE OIL WASHING.

The purpose of the course is to train captains, senior mechanics, other members of the ship to ensure the safety of oil tankers as part of their immediate duties.

The course’s tasks are to acquire additional knowledge and skills, allowing you to perform work on washing crude oil and cleaning tanks.

The content of the course involves training students on:

  • The safety of oil tankers;
  • Fire safety systems and measures;
  • Pollution prevention;
  • Operational practice;
  • relevant to international and national legislation.

Listeners are required to know:

  • legal norms containing requirements for oil tankers;
  • tanker terminology;
  • Properties of petroleum products;
  • how to fight fires on oil tankers;
  • How to prevent pollution of the sea, the environment;
  • How to keep a log of oil operations;
  • how to act if oil spilled in the port, at sea;
  • How to use an inert gas system
  • the purpose of washing cargo tanks with crude oil, regulations and technology.

The student has practical skills that allow:

  • to use the equipment necessary for the safe transport of goods, in which the sea is not polluted, the environment;
  • Ensure the safety of the tanker at every stage of production;
  • to guide the actions of crew members when using the mechanisms of the crude oil washing system.

Requirements for listeners:

  • Age – from 18 years;
  • A state of health that allows you to perform official duties;
  • preliminary course of initial training in cargo operations on oil tankers.