Performing the duties of the crew members to protect the vessel (VI/6 p. 4, 5, A-VI/6 p.p. 6-8)

seafarers on guard
  • Students: 25
  • Duration: 8 hours

Security of the vessel is carried out with the participation of all crew members in accordance with the approved plan (SSP). For the proper performance of their duties in ship security, crew members are trained in a special course program.

Purpose of the course

The purpose of this course is to prepare crew members, in accordance with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code), to carry out their duties under a ship security plan and in close coordination with a ship security officer. Preparations are made to effectively counter cases of armed attack on a ship. Objectives of the course The objectives of this course are aimed at preparing the ship’s crew to perform the following tasks:

  • a clear understanding of the content and characteristics of various security levels and the requirements arising from this;
  • knowledge of various tricks used by intruders to overcome ship security systems;
  • knowledge and application of the established response procedure in predictable situations.

During the course, students are introduced to the methods of recognizing and detecting weapons, hazardous substances and devices. In addition, they receive a certain minimum of knowledge necessary to analyze the appearance and behavior of people in order to identify potential violators of the ship’s safety among them.

Course content

In a short introductory part, students are offered a short overview of the content of all parts of the course, familiarization with the history of attacks on ships and measures to protect them. A brief description of the current situation on the main sea routes is given. After that, they move on to the statement of the maritime security policy in accordance with international and national requirements and documents.

The responsibility of all participants related to ensuring the implementation of measures for the protection of the vessel is explained in more detail. Students are introduced to the methods of assessing the level of security and the application of these methods to determine the degree of threat in real conditions.

After identifying the threat, it is necessary to correctly identify it. Special attention is paid to these issues. A significant part of the training is devoted to the study of security equipment, the capabilities of this equipment, the rules for its operation and maintenance.

Among others, the following issues are considered:

  • actions at different levels of protection;
  • maintaining the required level of security at the port berth;
  • actions in emergency situations;
  • organization of training and practical training in security.

 Requirements for Participants

This course is required for all crew members. This approach allows you to provide reliable ship security. The requirements for students do not differ from the general requirements for the crew. The student of the courses “Performance of the duties of the crew members in ship security” must be:

  • at least 18 years old;
  • meet general health requirements.