Ship’s welder – DMTD 7212.01.6110-2011

  • Students: 20
  • Duration: 11 weeks

Ship welder courses

Program of the course “Ship’s welder”:

  1. General professional training.
  2. Professional-theoretical training includes:
  • equipment and technology of welding on the vessel;
  • main shipbuilding and welding materials;
  • basis of ship’s architecture;
  • personal survival techniques, fire fighting, medical first aid, personal safety and social responsibility;
  • english (Professional);
  • occupational safety and health;
  • reading drawing;
  • electrical engineering;
  • professional and practical training.

 Technical base:                                                                                                                           


  • equipment and technology of welding on the vessel;
  • ship’s architecture.
  • life-saving appliances;
  • fire fighting;
  • first aid;
  • occupational safety and health;
  • english language and information technology;
  • basis of electrical engineering and electrical system of the vessel;
  • material science.


  • Quality control of the welded seams.

 Exercise equipment:  

  • Use of life-saving appliances;
  • Firefighting.

Groups: groups of less than 20 students. The study can be organized in the morning and in the afternoon.

Duration of training: The course lasts 11 weeks including 4 weeks of sailing practice. 


Those who have successfully completed the full course of education get the State diplomas with obligatory entering details into the State Register.

  • Certificate of qualified worker in the profession of « Ship’s welder» with qualification “welder (IV grade)”.
  • Certificate of the course “Safety Familiarization, Basic Training and Instructions for All Seafarers ( STCW-78, VI/1)».

The State bodies that have approved the training of qualified workers in accordance with the State Standard for Training DMTD 7212.01.6110-2011:

  • Ministry of Education and Science, Youth and Sport;
  • Ministry of labour and social policy of Ukraine;
  • Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine;
  • Inspection on training and certification of seafarers of Ukraine.

Demands to the students of the course « SHIP’S WELDER»:

  • certificate of professional education of a welder (III grade);
  • citizen’s passport;
  • residence permit;
  • work experience as a welder (III grade) not less than a year (12 months);
  • foreign passport;
  • medical certificate 086;
  • 3 photos 3×4, matte, no corner.