Bridge Team & Resource Management (management level)

control of the ship from the bridge
  • Students: 8
  • Duration: 40 hours

Bridge Team & Resource Management

The course is held for students who need to deepen their understanding of bridge management and resources (BTRM) by undergoing training.

The aim of the course is to improve the knowledge and practical skills of the trainees in the management of the ship, so that they can confidently participate in the coordinated actions of the officers on the bridge.

Course objectives:

  • Deepening knowledge of BTRM principles, management of bridge team, ship safety system;
  • Acquisition/improvement of practical skills of coordination of the composition of navigation watch, including on large-capacity vessels, on vessels with special maneuverable properties and in situations related to high intensity of navigation, difficult weather conditions, emergency situations;
  • work out the order of action when using pilot conduct, mooring, anchoring/removal from the anchor.

The content of the course appears as a logically thought-out combination of theoretical and practical blocks.

  • Four phases of Passage Planning training and execution;
  • the basics of bridge management, which includes the idea of correctly setting goals, forming and maintaining motivation, organizing collective activities;
  • to the resources of the navigation system, to increase their efficiency through thoughtful design, ergonomics, skilful leadership;
  • ensuring organizational safety on the bridge according to the ISM, which includes the procedure of execution of the captain’s orders, bridge procedures and watchkeeping;
  • as part of the safety of navigation – management using well-known commands, monitoring, maintaining communication.

The level of practical skills of the person who has completed the course allows:

  • to organize the watchkeeping in different conditions, to distribute the duties;
  • to ensure the safety of the ship’s voyage through the use of ship and navigation equipment;
  • passage planning;
  • fill out the necessary documentation;
  • maneuvers the ship dictated by the current situation.


Requirements for students enrolled in the course:

  • Know the basics of court maneuvering and have appropriate practical training;
  • to receive an education in the specialty of “Sea-Navigation”;
  • to have a diploma not lower than an Officer in Charge of Navigational Watch.